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Understanding Your Yoga Practice

yoga practice

Don’t Live To Do Yoga. Practice Yoga To Live.

Those two yogic sentences are from an excellent feature in U.S. News & World Report’s Health section that tackles the misunderstood issues surrounding many of the trendy fitness fads that are popular (for a short time) in clubs.

“Why Yoga Is More Than a Workout” breaks down the world of popular fitness programs that for the most part promote a brand first rather than results. It points out that results should be measured in a variety of ways instead of just focusing on a number or two that usually represents just a single facet of our wellbeing, like weight, reps, time, distance or some other isolated measurement.

Engaging Your Practice Every Day

For instance, a well grounded practice like yoga finds physical, mental, or spiritual value in all aspects of everyday life, not just the physical portion. And in fact every one of my yoga classes stress a theme or focus for that specific session that is meant to be inspected and enjoyed long after the mats have been rolled up and stored away.

If your yoga fitness routine lacks depth, so to will your results. Enjoyment will be temporary at best, and instead of understanding the simplicity of breathing, your thoughts are instead looking beyond finishing a session to what’s for dinner or what’s on television.

The Yoga Community

There’s a big difference between a club workout to a thumping soundtrack in a packed to the gills group class versus a dedicated yoga practice in your own community. Spinning, Rumba, Zumba, and others usually involve stomping through the motions while concentrating on the beat without reflecting on the purposefullness of your activity. And movement without understanding why or how is not really yoga.

Yoga is alone in combining the physical with the mental with the lifestyle. In order to realize the ultimate benefit you need commitment and engagement. I hope you can join me on the journey.