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Yummy sun breath between postures to relax the mind. Mon 530 Yum Yum

Pranayama over folded blanket to relax the shoulders and open then chest. Sahaja, Dirgha, Box

Sun breath supine will be the link between all postures tonight. Bridge, chin nod, table top knees, reclined tree, reclined cobbler, supine twist, lumbar stretch, 1/2 locust, cat rolls, pelvis leveler, neck rolls, aromatherapy and Savasana

Aromatherapy tonight is Relaxing  Blend from Yoga Flow oils, thank you Susan

Hip, Hip, Hurray Opening the Hips. Wed 530 Fundamentals

Starting in legs up the wall to leg the legs relax and the blood flow into the hips for deeper opening.

Pranayama while in legs up the wall. Sahaja, Dirgha

Bridge rolls on the wall, cradle stretch, 1/2 cowface, wide leg with assist from me to release the low back.

Rolling up to feel the “new hips” in Sun Salutations working through any limitations that may show up. Then see what we have time for below.

Roll off wall and up to hands and knees.  Hip rolls, cat rolls, fire hydrant rolls, lunge, 1/2 Hanuman with holds, lizard, swan add bows, quad stretch using wall.  Mandukasana (frog), child. Aromatherapy to leg lifts and lower, leg stretch with strap, Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight is Ananda Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Open Hips~~ Open Heart Mon 530 Shanti Vinyasa

Hip openers to open the heart.  Much stress is carried in the hips so tonight we will encourage them to open to allow the stress to flow out and away.

Pranayama:  Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana

Cat Bow 2 as well as cat bow 1, 1/2 Hanumanasana. We added in the turns of TriYoga cat turns, and swan/mountain turns. These we spent some time on as I have been negligent in adding them into classes. 🙁

Flowing down to floor to work on penguin, using what ever is needed to be comfortable but opening to the stretch.  Seated twists and forward bends. Holds will be long and full of breath tonight.

Aromatherapy tonight  is Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, than you Susan

Opening the Hamstrings Wed 530 Fundamentals

After doing twists and forward folds last week I thought we would focus on the hamstring tonight.

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha

Using a golfball tonight to start. Pressing the sole of the foot to the ball and rolling it around finding the tender or tight areas of the foot. This not only opens the foot but the muscles in the legs and hips as well.  Doing one side then observing the difference between feet, legs, hips.  Repeating on the other side.  Forward fold by bending the legs and bringing the chest to the thighs then lift the sitting bones but keep the ribs and thighs together.  Warming up the legs with variations of sun salutation and learning to step forward using the correct alignment stacking the bones and using the muscles correctly to build strength and stability.  Stretching out the hamstrings on the floor with a strap.

Aromatherapy tonight is Relaxing Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Opening up to receive the week. 7pm Yum Yum

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha over blocks

Easy seat side bends, chest openers, wrist rolls, finger openers, mula rolls, nose circles, neck side stretch, rock the baby, cat rolls, toe stretch.  Shoulder rolls, trap squeeze, thread the needle.  Penguin, frog, leg stretches, reclined cradle, twists. Aromatherapy and Savasana

Aromatherapy tonight will be Vata Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Shanti Vinyasa Flow Inner Peace from the Heart Mon 530pm

Rounding out the holidays with a general flow class.  Smooth and fluid for the holidays.

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana

Sun Salutation then moving onto Cobra swings, swan to 3 leg dog, runner hamstring stretch (YUM YUM).  Gate before moving with a flow through the standing postures.  To the floor to build back strength then finish with cobra swings.  Swan to twists, rolling like a ball to release the back, squat 1 to hand balance, forward bends, aromatherapy rock the clock, butterfly flow, Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be a new blend Vata/Kapha from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Thankful for the Sun. Sun Salutation 530pm Wed

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha  with strap around rib cage.

warm ups before flowing through a sun salutation or two or three, working the 3 in 1 move from last week, introduce some deeper hip openers. twists and forward folds, aromatherapy and Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Dharma Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Hamstring class tonight not much flow, lots of opening. 530pm Mon

Pranayama:  Sahaja, Dirgha over 2 blocks to really feel the opening

Rock the sacrum clock. Tadasana, Knee to chest, happy baby.  Sukasana with shoulder openers, mula rolls, cobbler with chest expansion, rock the baby, cat rolls, cat hip rolls, cross bow, calf stretch.  Karin Stephan hamstring flow.

Standing strength with longer holds then forward folds between each one, listening carefully how to open into the fold which is the hamstring work tonight.   To the floor for swan and quad stretch. Supta Padangusthasana with strap, supine twist.  Aromatherapy and Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Anxiety Ease from  Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Loving up the knees today. Wed 1115am Lifestyles Family Fitness

Pranayama;  Sahaja, Dirgha,  Box breath, slow Kapalabhati.

Warming up the legs with a few leg lifts, hip rotations and a flow of bending the knees and extending either straight up or with legs wide.  Moving into extended leg stretch with a strap adding in a move to open the side body as well (step outside the box).  Anatasana, side leg raises, gate variation.  Cat rolls, Downward Dog,  Forward fold.  Testing the legs out with Yoga splits,  Warrior 1, thigh stretch, ankle churns.  Warrior 2, Side Warrior, Reverse Warrior, Triangle.  Balance today will be Dancing Shiva as well as Flamingo.  To the floor to twist and fold.   Aromatherapy and a test to see how the legs opened up with extended leg stretch with a strap again.  Savasana.

Aromatherapy today will be Pana Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan.

Opening softly into fall. Yum Yum Yoga Mon 7pm

Pranayama; Seated Sahaja, Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana

Gentle flow to open the back, shoulders and the whole body. Bridge rolls with some different arm work added in. Vajrasana kneeling flow, cobra flow, chakrabakasana.  Warrior 1 with  shoulder strengthening and opening.  Uttanasana (forward folds), Triangle with some shoulder opening. Repeat of the vajrasana flow. Adding on to the cobra flows, bridge rolls as we started, hamstring openings, twists,  seated forward folds, bridge rolls relaxing the neck and shoulders.  aromatherapy and savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be relaxing blend by Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan