Hamstring class tonight not much flow, lots of opening. 530pm Mon

Pranayama:  Sahaja, Dirgha over 2 blocks to really feel the opening

Rock the sacrum clock. Tadasana, Knee to chest, happy baby.  Sukasana with shoulder openers, mula rolls, cobbler with chest expansion, rock the baby, cat rolls, cat hip rolls, cross bow, calf stretch.  Karin Stephan hamstring flow.

Standing strength with longer holds then forward folds between each one, listening carefully how to open into the fold which is the hamstring work tonight.   To the floor for swan and quad stretch. Supta Padangusthasana with strap, supine twist.  Aromatherapy and Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Anxiety Ease from  Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan