Loving up the knees today. Wed 1115am Lifestyles Family Fitness

Pranayama;  Sahaja, Dirgha,  Box breath, slow Kapalabhati.

Warming up the legs with a few leg lifts, hip rotations and a flow of bending the knees and extending either straight up or with legs wide.  Moving into extended leg stretch with a strap adding in a move to open the side body as well (step outside the box).  Anatasana, side leg raises, gate variation.  Cat rolls, Downward Dog,  Forward fold.  Testing the legs out with Yoga splits,  Warrior 1, thigh stretch, ankle churns.  Warrior 2, Side Warrior, Reverse Warrior, Triangle.  Balance today will be Dancing Shiva as well as Flamingo.  To the floor to twist and fold.   Aromatherapy and a test to see how the legs opened up with extended leg stretch with a strap again.  Savasana.

Aromatherapy today will be Pana Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan.