Open Hips~~ Open Heart Mon 530 Shanti Vinyasa

Hip openers to open the heart.  Much stress is carried in the hips so tonight we will encourage them to open to allow the stress to flow out and away.

Pranayama:  Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana

Cat Bow 2 as well as cat bow 1, 1/2 Hanumanasana. We added in the turns of TriYoga cat turns, and swan/mountain turns. These we spent some time on as I have been negligent in adding them into classes. 🙁

Flowing down to floor to work on penguin, using what ever is needed to be comfortable but opening to the stretch.  Seated twists and forward bends. Holds will be long and full of breath tonight.

Aromatherapy tonight  is Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, than you Susan