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Inspired by Karin Stephan master teacher Iyengar style Tues

After working with master teacher Karin Stephan for 5 days the class could only be an Iyengar bases class.

Pranayama: Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana

Cat rolls to open the spine and calf stretch to ready the legs for more work.

Sun Salutation:  Working the side body by placing strap at end of mat, leading with the wrists to lift up into modified Warrior 1 really bringing intelligence to the side body. The new hip external hip rotator stretch that is hard but works well we will keep for awhile longer. Wide Leg Forward Fold with sways as deep as needed to open the inner leg. On to standing postures really working the legs.

Balance tonight was Tree with variations for everyone to pick which one they wanted to work on tonight.

Everyone thought I had forgot toe stretch and toe balance but no. To the floor for this work.

A posture I don’t teach much Trianga Mukaikapada Pascimottanasana (and not because it takes so long to say) was one we worked on tonight.  Using the strap for this forward fold. This is one Karin Stephan wants to see added into more classes. Twists and a few other folds.

Aromatherapy tonight was Relaxing blend. Thank you Susan.

Savasana was very still tonight and you all welcomed it with open arms and hearts.  Very well done.