Spreading the love, toe stretch, joint juice, standing tall. Wed

Tonight we will be starting with some pranayama.

Dental floss for the spine with Cat-Cat. Toe stretch allowing the feet to open to carry us with ease down this path of yoga & life journey.  Joint Juice will be the 10 churnings.  There is a blog post with just these in it so that it can be printed out or just reviewed without hunting for it in a regular class blog.

Opening the hips through Sun Salutations,  Tree balance then on to the standing strength to check on form.

A  few twists and forward folds then on to the bliss of aromatherapy & savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Vata Blend from Yoga Flow oils.

2 thoughts on “Spreading the love, toe stretch, joint juice, standing tall. Wed

  1. Several LFF Seminole regulars followed Nancy to Tyrone to practice. Nice practice with 10 Churnings which really warm you up. Good work on foot stretching and proper form in various poses. Wonderful aromatherapy. Thanks Nancy.

  2. I always appreciate seeing students from other locations when I sub. The standing strength I know was long holds which build strength and form. Thanks to all for hanging in there as I worked the room. There were a number of new faces and I wanted to get around and help with alignment. Glad the 10 Churnings and the foot stretches worked for you and the more we do them the easier they get. Thank you Tanya for your support. Namaste

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