TRIYENGAR is a hit let’s keep it up Mon

Keeping the mix of Tri Yoga  & Iyengar.

Pranayama:  Dirgha, Kapalabhati slow

Opening the feet with toe stretch, toe balance and top of foot stretch. Working on inner thigh and leg inversion & eversion. Reverse table adding in dips.  Navasana flow for abs.

Standing strength  adding in  some  extended cat work for legs, abs and back.

Revisiting Karin Stephan’s dowel work at the wall for back bends.  Wall chair for strength then to the floor for strengthen building in the back with Cobra work & opposite arm and leg. 

Releasing the back with bridge, bridge lifts.  Apanasana, Spider, Hip side stretch.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Yoga Nidra from Yoga Flow Oils thanks Susan.