Looking at the Bones with Deborah Wolk


Saturday 10:00am – 12:30pm “Looking at the Bones”    Sign up Here

The bones of the scoliotic body are different in may ways. The vertebrae themselves are rotated and displaced, as are the ribs and pelvis. But what about the other bone in the body? They also reflect and fit into these patterns. In addition, these patterns cause the bones to grow differently. Some are denser or more hollow, some are larger and others thinner and smaller. They shape differently. This phenomenon is called bone remodeling.

How to see the alignment of the bones specifically in the scoliotic environment How do we help our students see them, sense their differences, and perhaps change their direction? Through observation and learning to touch and adjust bones in the yoga asanas, Deborah will help you see and instruct your students to sense and move their bones more precisely.