Sound Meditation with Travis Lacey & Nancy MacDonald

Sound Meditation

with Travis Lacey & Nancy MacDonald


October 29,2017        2:00pm -3:30pm     $25.00

Lie down, close your eyes and get transported through a world of healing sound. Let harmony replace the chaos of daily life. Give your body a “tune-up” leaving you feeling aligned, balanced and clear.

Using crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, didgeridoos, Koshi chimes, rain-sticks and more we will take you on a journey into yourself…. deeply relaxed by the sounds that surround you.
Rhythm & Sound Journeys owned by Travis Lacey, has been facilitating Acoustic sound based practices since 2010. Facilitating these practices in various places such as drug and alcohol rehab facilities, various yoga studios, and for individuals in their homes. For thousands of years, sound has been used to ease anxiety and promote a sense of well being.

Nancy MacDonald has been leading restorative yoga sessions with sound healing accompanying the practice for over 8 years. She also plays crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, rain-sticks and other instruments for teacher training groups at The Lotus Pond Center as well as special savasana for her students.

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