It’s my Birthday Thurs

It’s my birthday so I love when I get a chance to have a special yoga treat on this day.  This year I am having a private session with Larissa Carlson on pranayama.  I am really looking forward to it.

Last nights workshop with Larissa was as always wonderful.  She lives and teaches from a state of grace and love. Investigating the Chakras through the Bija mantra is always an interesting Self discovery. 

I will be setting up a schedule page soon on my website so that anyone can see where I am teaching, assisting or where the workshops and training classes I will be attending are.  In case anyone would like to join me.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?   Live that.

May you be at peace, May you dwell in your heart, May your heart flower.     Namaste……….