Golf Balls and Yoga What is going on? Fri

In Natural Seat started with Pranayama.  Center,  focus come inward.  Land in our bodies being present.

Doing alittle warm up cat tilt, cat arch opening the spine. Gentle shoulder openers.. thread the needle, arm circles, chest expansion, side bends. Warmed and ready.

Shoulder opener that can go as deep as you want to.  Face down arms out in a “T” position palms down. Bend left arm and bring palm to floor infront of chest roll onto right side. The body is in a straight line head, shoulders, hips, knees, feet. If this enough of a stretch stop here, if more bend left knee and place foot on floor continue to roll over bringing buttocks to the floor if you can.  Be mindful, be careful… Love yourself.

Toe stretch with arm movements to further open the shoulders and chest.

Sun Salutation A  full set to warm the rest of the body and legs.

Balance  Shiva Balance  2 times each side

Golf Balls??  Yes we used golf balls while standing. Placing the golf ball under the sole of the foot and pressing down with the foot rolling the ball all around the foot.  Opening the foot finding the tender spots and massaging them.  Interesting how tender they are right?  Repeated on the other foot. Noticing how warm the feet feel now.  Yum love that foot work.

Half Sun Salute to come back to floor for swan hip opening and twist to supine leg stretch for the hamstring.

Aromatherapy oils today was Dharma from Yoga Flow oils.

Awaken and open to new counsciousness.

Namaste   Thank you all for my surprise bithday gift.  Thank you Michelle for thinking of me and putting it together.

Many Blessings to all of you.