Take the first step to inversions- Sat with Wanda I’m assisting

Join me at Yoga 4 All with one of my teachers Wanda Howe.  Her workshop will be exploring inversion practice and how to build strength to move into inversion safely

Even with the cold and rain the seeking yogini’s turned up for a real treat in beginning an inversion practicee.

Wanda covered some main anatomy of the body that is used during inversion.

Shoulder openers as well as some hip opening was done to prepare.  Checking Downward facing Dog to see how everyones shoulders were gave us some idea on where the first steps would be.

Working through some standint Triangle and 1/2 moon postures then moving to the wall for more Down Dog work.  Opening up the shoulders to work with L shape on the wall with hands in handstand position.

Moving on to bridge work and finally into shoulder stand using the wall and free shoulder stand if this was students normal practice.

Cool downs and a lovely Savasana the time just flew by.  Thanks Wanda