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Open Hearts with backbends, inversions. Tues 745p

Had a request to go back to some more backbends with inversion of plow so tonight is the night.

Pranayama: Standing Dirgha, Sun Breath and Breath of Joy

Two reg Sun Salutaions not real slow to warm up the body.

Balance: Vrksasana (Tree), Star, Natarajasana (Dancer)

Raja Kapotasana (pigeon) to open the hips. Bhujangasana (Cobra) work, Paripurna Navasana (prone boat), Dhanurasana (Bow), Ustrasana (Camel),Setubandhasana Sarvangasana (Bridge), Urdhva Dhanurasna (Wheel), Halasana (Plow), Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby), Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Cobbler)

Janu Sirsasana twists & FF  Mermaid,  aromatherapy, Savasana

Aromatherapy is Open Heart of course from Yoga Flow Oils thank you Susan

King & Queen of the postures with a Jack or 2 tossed in Mon

Teaching Wanda’s advanced class tonight.

Going more into Headstand and Shoulderstand tonight.  If headstand is not in your practice then I will be assisting any that want to get up into handstand.

Pranayama practice to open the heart and lungs.  Navasana work.  Feeling froggy we will see how Bekasana feels for everyone tonight.

Camel  to see how the body is opening.  Next I will share what I have been doing in the gym with external hip openers WOW  it really works.

Wall work with more side body opening to prepare for Headstand and Shoulderstand. LIttle more abdominal work then Headstand & detailed set up for Shoulderstand.  While those that have Headstand practice is up those who would like to try Handstand I will assist to get up.

After Shoulderstand drape the upper body over blankets to release neck.

Twists and some forward folds.

Aromatherapy will be Ananda Blend from Yoga Flow Oils thanks Susan

Savasana   Nadi Shodhana before going home to calm and center the mind.

Everyone did really well with going into headstand staying awhile then coming down for a few breaths in child then going back up.  Shoulderstand went so well that I added in some variations.  Good practice for all.  Headstanders you are ready to move away from the wall.  Give your yoga a future.  The practice of headstand & shoulderstand was over 30 minutes for just these two postures.

What were the Jacks?  well they were the ab work as well as the hip openers.  🙂

Working toward headstand Mon assist Wanda

Wanda is back to working on headstand or working toward headstand on Mondays through April. So if you have wanted to learn how to do a safe headstand or what needs to be done to work towards headstand then don’t miss these Mondays.

After a few postures Wanda noticed many tight shoulders in the class so she went through some shoulder openers as well as Anatasana warm up that she loves, it does work well.

There were choices tonight between headstand work standing on the feet and using the wall for the shoulder/upper arm work and working the legs or L shape on the wall either in handstand hands or headstand hands feet on the wall.  For those that practice headstand they went up. Some worked on moving away from the wall and moving more into a free headstand away from the comfort zone of the wall.

Twists using the wall then Savasana.  Well done everyone.

Mon Assisting Wanda

Starting with centering using the breath to bring everyone into their own body.  Opening and working the shoulders and arms to bring awareness to the shoulder girdle and avoid hiking of the shoulders.

Worked on Triangle and Revolved Triangle, Half Moon either on the wall or free in the middle of the room. Then everyone when to the wall to work on the more advance position of half moon which is where when facing the wall bending the lifted leg and holding onto the foot allowing the back to arch and the quad to open. Keeping the hips facing the wall is always the challenge with this position however, the wall is a great teacher.

Inversion this evening was prep work for those that do not do the forearm balance. Getting the feeling of the forearm work and the feeling of lifting the leg.  Yogi’s and Yogini’s that have a forearm balance in their practice did the full posture and worked on refining the pose.

A few twists and forward folds closed out the practice and a good one it was.  Well done everyone.

Take the first step to inversions- Sat with Wanda I’m assisting

Join me at Yoga 4 All with one of my teachers Wanda Howe.  Her workshop will be exploring inversion practice and how to build strength to move into inversion safely

Even with the cold and rain the seeking yogini’s turned up for a real treat in beginning an inversion practicee.

Wanda covered some main anatomy of the body that is used during inversion.

Shoulder openers as well as some hip opening was done to prepare.  Checking Downward facing Dog to see how everyones shoulders were gave us some idea on where the first steps would be. Continue reading Take the first step to inversions- Sat with Wanda I’m assisting

Turn your World Upside Down Mon

Assisting Wanda in her intermediate/advanced class tonight she continued to work on opening the upper body & shoulder in preparation of inversions. Reminding often to open the collar bones from the sternum outward all the way to the finger tips. The Iyengar way of opening from the midline outward is a tried and true practice for working from your center.

Starting with breathing to center and open the full lung and chest area.  Full complete breaths to help open the collar bones lifting the sternum and opening the heart center. The pectoralis muscles as well as all the shoulder and back muscles must be warmed and open for inversions.

Working with Marjarasana moving each vertebra of the spine~ opening each space slowly and with mindfulness and love.  Continue reading Turn your World Upside Down Mon