Hip ~Hip ~~Hooray Opening the Hips tonight!! Tues

We will continue with last weeks theme of opening the hips.

Starting with Pranayama in a seated position to focus and center ourselves.

Working with  Leg Stretch (Ardha Hanumanasana),  Jumping Runner, & Gate (Parighasana) will start the hip opening this evening. The Leg Stretch using blocks so that the hold can be held with some degree of comfort is important.  Either using a block under the buttocks or just to support the upper body will allow the mind to calm (exhaling fully realeases any stress and tension and calms the mind). Both parts of the Leg Stretch are very important to hold for at least 90 seconds but 3 minutes would be the best.  When coming into the  the hamstring stretch the hip stays over the knee and not behind it, this creates the greatest opening of the hamstring. Gate posture teaches the hip the movement for Triangle as well as the upper body movement for Triangle and Side Angle. Make sure you have enough padding under the knee so that you can sustain this stretch.

As always there will be Toe Stretch with mudras or arm movements. Love to open the feet. We will revist some more foot work next week. 

Then to Downward Facing Dog (Aadho Mukha Svanasana). Moving on to Penguin and Extended Frog to open the inside of the leg. We will be using props and sustaing these postures as these must be held to allow the opening to happen.  Penguin (feet open) and Frog (feet together) need props. At the studio we have bolsters and blankets to help with the support and comfort of holding these postures.  You all did great with using the blocks or supporting yourself with your forearms and hanging in there for this HUGE stretch.  Moving into Downward Dog so we could float into Swan (Kapotasana)  the outside of the hips and thighs needed some love too.  Finding your swan with level hips is a must and again the longer holds open things more. Forward folding over the leg adds a cooling aspect for the mind.   Add in the thigh stretch of the back leg and  this hip and leg is like butter.  Sliding back into Downward Dog and allowing the hip to open (3 Leg Dog) and feel the extra movement there from these holds.  Now there is another side.  Repeated the above to even everything out. Take time especially all you runners to open your thigh muscles your whole body will open with this. 

A nice twist and seated forward fold and we were ready for aromatherapy and Savasana.  I am sorry that I cut the Savasana short as we ran out of time and am willing to run over alitte to make sure that you get a good Savasana.  However, I want to be mindful and respectful of your time and honor your being here by staying on time. This is the request I heard from many that we needed alittle more Savasana with a class that has so much opening.  The body does need to integrate everything.  I apologize  and ask your forgiveness in this and hope this wasn’t disturbing to your body and energy tonight.

Aromatherapy used in class tonight from Yoga Flow Oils ~~~Shanti

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti …………….Peace, Peace, Peace

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  1. Really appreciate the outline and descriptions. Frog/penguin seems to have worked well, once I was able to relax into it a little. Combined with swan made for a nice overall stretch of some difficult parts.

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