Don’t let your energy fly away ground your practice Assisting Wanda Wed

It was such an honor to assist and just be present for this class.  The combined energy working in the smaller room with the larger class was amazing.  Wanda as usual put together a true to form Iyengar class.  Lots of standing (grounding) postures with the focus on alignment and self awareness.

Everyone was working with  such intention and awareness that was uplifting  just being in the room.

Starting with a warm up on the floor using the core to fire up the hara of the body so the tapas of practice could burn away any self doubts and allow everyone to bask in their full potential.  Wanda’s core warm up is something special and something you should come to class to experience.  I can not do it justice in trying to describe it.

The standing postures were the ones that all regular yogi’s practice ~only tonight with the fire of the hara at work and inward attention the postures were more profound for everyone. I felt that Mr Iyengar was in the room and could hear one of his sayings “Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the heart/soul creates the symphony of life.”  The room was a full symphony last night a real wonder to experience.  The postures were done with action but most of all with intelligent awareness.

Added in to spice things up a bit was an arm balance Crow (Bakasana).  It is always inspiring for me to see someone step outside their box and try something they have never even thought to try before. Give your yoga a future and you will fly in Crow.  To become light like a butterfly you must be willing to give up being a caterpillar.

The class ended with deep twists to move the toxins out of the body and bring the fresh oxygen rich blood back in. Forward folds to cool the mind and prepare for Savasana.

If you missed this experience tonight, there is always next week.  Until then. 

Patanjali says “Perfection is achieved when the effort to perform the asana becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached”             I felt many tonight found this….. Namaste