TriYoga Flows, Turns and Breath Mon

Assisting Sandi in the Tri Yoga class 530pm.  There was a request that we make sure to get enough pranayama practice in.  With having only 1 hour 15 minutes Sandi and & I try to get pranayama practice in each time, however sometimes we are wanting to work on some of the important turns and details of the TriYoga practice so pranayama practice my be shorten some.  We will be mindful of this and make sure this is not the case every week. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Breath is life, if we half-breath we half-live. We all want to live fully.

The pranayama practice tonight was parts of the trinity practice which we will bring together in the next several classes.

Cat Rolls to open up the spine. then we worked on breaking down the turns into smaller bites.   Cobra rolls as well as Cobra 1 /Boat  ~~ Cobra 2 flow  opened up the chest and spine some more. Chest expansion in camel then progressed into lifting the knee and rolling over the foot to plant the sole of the foot on the floor.  Rolling over the foot the other way and sliding the knee to line up with the other knee, hinging forward coming into cat.  Repeating and feeling the flow of this movement. 

Adding to this movement from Downward Dog to Swan/Pigeon working with the turn to Squat/Half Tortoise to cat to downward dog and repeating this in the same direction creates a circle.  After one full circle the flow went in the other direction. Sandi has figured out how to use the blocks in doing this which made it much easier for most. Thank you Sandi.

1/4 turn cat to lightly jump into pyramid adding a sway to each side as well as a twist to prepare for standing.  Blocks were use to even out and open the chest.

Standing postures;  from pyramid to the TriYoga flow of the feet positions to Triangle. Circling the arm into triangle and into Warrior II prep.  Warrior II circling again into Side Warrior~~ Side Warrior into the turn that the back heel lifts the hips face forward and down into runner.  Back leg knee to floor… that hand on that side to floor then the other hand to floor.. front leg slides back so the knees are in alignment then mountain lift to Downward Dog.  Repeated on the other side. Of course there was sustaining of the postures it was not just a kriya flow.

Down to the floor for some bridge rolls then sustaining with the block under the sacrum to release the back.  Removed the block for eagle twist on each side.

Aromatherapy and Savasana.    Breath light meditation.  

Aromatherapy tonight was Relaxation Blend from Yoga Flow Oils

Stay present to live in the now.   Namaste