Assisting Wanda 7pm Backbending for inversions Mon

Harold is back from his shoulder surgery so I was watching over Harold and making sure he didn’t try to do things he shouldn’t do yet.  I modified the warm up as needed for Harold so I was not watching so much what everyone else was doing just listening to Wanda’s words and assisting Harold into something that would work for him.

Tonights main focus was backbends and working deeply in  Parsvottanasana.  First time with the arms behind the back and a strap buckled into a loop just below the elbow towards the wrist. Hands active and the legs working during the first chest opening backbend as well as the forward fold over the leg.  Then partnering with a fellow yogi in the room with the helper placing the strap around the front leg high on the femur bone helping to move that thigh into internal rotation and straightening the hips.  One more set on your own finding the  backbend not only in the beginning but after coming up from the forward fold.

To the floor and bridge work  (Setubandhasana Sarvangasana) with a block between the knees and Wanda and I being the lift fairy to help open the shoulders and add height to the pelvic lift.  Full wheel  Urdhva Dhanurasana was then done by all, some with assist.

Few twists as well as Apanasana and Savasana.   Good work.   Wanda was so pleased and happy about everyones progression in their backbending practice it was very beautiful.  Namaste