Using Props~~ Blocks with safety Tues

Lifestyles Family Fitness tech class this afternoon.

Went over the floating half moon coming from Triangle using a block.  When in Triangle with left leg forward bring right arm to side of body, bend left knee, slide right foot in ~keeping right ball mound of foot in line with left heel.  Move weight onto left foot/leg~ lift right foot off floor and immediately flex the right foot giving it plenty of energy and pressing firmly through the back heel. Left hand lightly on the block~~  The block is on the little toe side of the foot and to the left of the foot~ there is also enough distance from the heel of the left foot to the hand on the block for the torso to fit between this space. If block is too close your balance will be off and you will crunch the body this should be a very open posture. Bring right leg to hip height and open both hips to the front of the body. Begin to straighten the left leg, when the leg is straight open the chest and shoulders forward if stable and open then the right arm lifts to reach directly out of the shoulder.  The block is only a prop to bring the floor closer to your hand NOT to hold you up, the blocks can be unstable if too much weight is on it. If you are working your legs and core enough you should be able to lift your hand off the block and not fall in any direction. The body is balancing as if you are between two panes of glass.  The core is working the buttocks muscles working the pelvis is tucked, the low back is not over arching. repeat other side

The above information is also true for Side Angle ~ Side Warrior ~Parsvakonasana.  It is not the intention to place the forearm on the thigh to hold you up in the TV watching position.  The arm is lightly placed on the thigh but you should be able to lift the arm and not move the torso, hips or legs.  You are also tucking the pelvis under as if you are a piece of toast in a toaster, everthing in the same plane.

Went over the “scorpion” move with the back leg lifted  and the pushup either by bringing the knee down before the pushup or the full version. I’ll be glad when this is gone, I really don’t care for this move much. To easy to hurt yourself so be present and mindful when doing this don’t be distracted by what everyone else is doing .. do your yoga.

Reminder that in this release Warrior III the standing leg is deeply bent to add more work into the buttocks.

Demonstrated 1/2 Bow posture.  Facedown pelvis rooted into the floor, all ten toes on the floor bend right leg and hold onto it with the right hand at the ankle.  Left arm can either be bent with the forearm parallel to the front of the mat or lengthen out long~ on an inhale the torso lifts (the left arm can lift or not) and the right leg shin bone moves toward the back of the room.  The knees do not flare outward. There should be no pinching in the back.  repeat other side

Till next week Annette is bring back an older release which will be a nice change.

Om Shanti,Shanti, Shanti