Heart Openers in Seminole Tues

Welcome to all the new faces tonight, I hope you had a pleasant yoga experience.

This evenings class we will be checking on the hips from last week and working on heart openers (Backbends) this week.

While on the back using 2 blocks or  a noodle under the back to open the chest we will be doing the Pranayama practice here. We were able to get into the class room alittle early so those that were early set up for chest expansion over a block using another block under the head.  We did complete breath Dirgha which is a 3 part, full, deep breath– lower lung with the abdominal rising, mid-lung where the ribs flare open ~front, sides and back and upper lungs filling the upper chest and expanding the collar bones.  Ujjayi breath was added on ~the ocean sounding breath.

Cindy Lee warm up that opens the shoulders as well as the spine. Thread the needle~ on all 4’s in Cat one arm threads under the body, palm up stretching the shoulder and providing a good twist as well.

Toe Stretch with some more shoulder & chest openers. If this is still hard for you do this more it is so good for the feet, hips and the whole body.

Sun Salute  Surya Namaskara “A”  set.

Down to floor starting the backbending series.  Cobra work,  Cobra 1 then adding Cobra1/Boat – lifting the torso and legs at the same time.  A few rolls doing this then inhale to Cobra 1/Boat hold for exhale moving into Cobra 2 pressing into the floor with the hands lifting into Cobra 2 the feet from Cobra 1/Boat come to the floor and the torso is lifted higher into the backbend. The head is in line with the spine not cranked back. Be sure to release the back by bending the knees and letting the feet float from side to side.

Prone shoulder opener. Facedown with arms out in a “T” position or if there is shoulder issues the arms can be brought back at at 45 degree angle, palms are facing down. Slowly begin to roll onto right side of the body, if this is okay bend left leg and bring left foot to floor ~ press through right heel if this is still okay for your body continue to roll over allowing the buttocks to come to floor.  This is a huge shoulder opener and should be done with mindfulness and awareness.  I can  not feel your shoulders for you, listen to the teacher within. Coming up through Cobra 2 to Child pose.

Coming into kneeling for Camel finding your camel with all options including using blocks by the feet. Coming to natural seat before coming down to floor.

Rolling down to the floor. Supine on the floor Rocking the Clock of the pelvis releasing and tightness in the back. Placing the block between the knees so the femur bones stay parallel to each other and rolling into bridge, allowing the spine a few bridge rolls before coming into full bridge with the shoulders rolled under, hands clasped arms pressing into the floor.  Lifting one leg at a time.  Rolling down then back up and placing a block under the sacrum for a supported bridge.  If this was okay for the body lifting one leg and then the other for an inversion to allow the sacrum to settle as well as the legs, lymph to drain.  Removing the block staying in partial recline for a breath or two then bringing the knees to chest apanasana.

Some supine stretches to loosen the back and a few twists.  Savasana

Aromatherapy  tonight Ananda  from Yoga Flow Oils Bergamont-balances the emotions, Bulgarian Rose-balancing & calming, Mogra- happiness, Pettigrain- improves circulation,grounding, calming Oud Musk- Clarity of Mind  Tea Rose- Spiritual attunement  Ylang Ylang- reduces tension & negative emotions brings out warmth & sensitivity.

The reading was about being more conscious of our words.  Before you speak think: Are these words true, are they kind, are they necessary?  Will what you are about to say improve on the silence that is?

Till next time ….  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti  ……….Peace, Peace, Peace.

Thanks John for the comment about how well the prone shoulder openers work I will try to add that in more as well as the breath over the block.  Good to know this worked for you as I was concerned about offering this posture.

2 thoughts on “Heart Openers in Seminole Tues

  1. Its been awhile since I’ve practiced the prone shoulder opener and I’m reminded how well it works for my situation. Maybe we could repeat this class at regular intervals? The opening position using the blocks was new to me, and I thought it worked very well.

  2. Thank you John for the comment about the shoulder openers as well as the breath work over the block. I will work on adding both more often to the practice. I am glad the shoulder opener worked well for you. This is one posture I like to offer however, everyone needs to listen to their own body about how far to take it. The breath over the block works well to open the chest muscles that are tight in so many of us.

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