Flowing into spring with TriYoga Thurs

Covering Sandi’s Tri Yoga class we just did a flow class with 1-2 things of Iyengar work added in.

Nice side body opening with palm tree then earth-touch to cat rolls, natural rolls, jumps from Mountain to pyramid 1 to toe balance to wake up the feet and legs.  Balanced chair that we have not done in a while.

Mountain to swan alternating sides then into swan bows.  This is where I added a little Iyengar work in with the elbow on blocks to lengthen the spine head also placed on block. 

Standing flow with Triangle, side warrior, warrior, pyramid and pyramid twists.

Cat bows with the cat tuck added in. Rabbit and extended rabbit then to facedown and spinal strengthening  work. Cobra rolls, locust.  Cross L-seat twist moving into serenity twist and forward fold. few more twists and folds then aromatherapy oils and savasana.

Aromatherapy today was Ananda Blend thank you Susan.