Mandala Mandala round & round we go Tues

Pranayama practice will have complete breath and then adding on with Kapalabhati alternate nostril breath.

Warming up was flowing and one right after the other with a very warming for the legs Sun Salutation. Onto the  core with reverse table and added dips for the upper body.  Hip openers fire hydrant with a few things splashed in.    Hold everything the hip openers have changed!! Found something new and WOW oh WOW will these open your hips.  Tried them out on my husband and I think everyone will like them.  Don’t have time to write them all up here will update tomorrow with url to the article these came from.  Hold onto those hips they are going to open tonight!! Here is the link to the article about the hip work we did tonight  I hope everyone enjoyed it and your hips feel juicy Good work for dancers, runners enjoy.

Mandala work that we did last week will have some things added. From mandala moving a 1/2 turn to seated for  1/2 cow face pose, Lord of the fishes, runner, standing split balance. Doing it all in reverse to come back to front. Circles are magic and I hope everyone finds some fun in this.

Nice slow forward folds and deep twists to finish off the class

Aromatherapy tonight  Vatta/Pitta blend from Yoga Flow oils.  Thanks Susan

Extra class this week on Thurs LFF 730pm-830pm will be nice complement to this class a hamstring- backbending class. Join me to open the heart and legs for spring.


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