Doing Wheelies at Seminole Tues

Pranayama over two blocks to open up the heart and side body.

Navasana flow to wake up the abdominals.

Toe Balance as well as a few jumps to get ready for frog (Bekasana).  Before Bekasana the now infamous hip openers to see it this will also open up frog for everyone.  Camel posture to develop the opening for the back bending practice.

Starting with Bridge work then moving onto the full Wheel see if done slowly with intention it opens up more fully. Doing Wheelies to Feel the flow of it 🙂  at least 3.

Some floor twists and stretches rolling up for a few more twists and forward folds to cool the mind.

Aromatherapy will be Yoga Nidra Blend from Yoga Flow Oils thanks Susan

Savasana.  Nadi Shodhana to calm and center the mind before going home.