TIYENGAR what is that? TriYoga & Iyengar mixed Mon

Pranayama: Dirgha worked with Doug Keller’s Dirgha breath for complete breath work. Bringing much more awareness to the mid-lung breath. I encourage everyone to try this at home to see if it brings peace to the breath work. Slow Kapalabhati breath with inhale holds.

Bringing two of my favorite styles of yoga together with TriYoga- meditation in motion- and Iyengar- detailed work with holds to open the body for movement and meditation.

cat rolls to open the spine, few jump out to pyramid and back to toe balance. Karin Stephan’s wall work then to TriYoga’s wall work to open the side body, heart, back and legs. Yum!! Spent time with this as everyone really needed the side body work.

On to standing strength and flowing with the breath.

To supine to stretch the hips and twist the body to release any toxin that were in there. Slowly moved through these postures with assists and adjustments so everyone felt yummy.

Aromatherapy will be Shanti from Yoga Flow Oils thank you Susan.