Let’s twist again then balance for fun. Tues

Prananyama: Dirgha, Kapalabhati slow.

Opening the shoulders before Wild Thing and Belly of the Dragon.  One more week of the hip stretches that every one loves and makes faces at. 🙂   Working the core with Dolphin and side planks with twists to really work the whole abdominal area including the obliques.

Standing strength the regular series with 1/2 moon for balance. Then we are going to deepen the balance aspect by working into Warrior 3, Warrior 1, Revolved Triangle, Revolved 1/2 moon.  These are difficult postures that one must have an inward focus to find your breath and freedom in the posture. Where is the edge between opening and force, the line between stretch and too much effort? The mind and body will serve up a feast of feelings, each breath another chance to deepen and release into the posture or time to back out.

More twists.

Aromatherapy will be Dharma from Yoga Flow Oils.. thank you Susan

Savasana           See you all in 2 weeks.  Many blessings