Moving up the body to Scrumptious Shoulders & Neck. Mon 7pm Yum Yum

From heavenly hips moving into the scrumptious shoulders and neck tonight.

Starting seated on the chair for pranayama.  Sahaja, Dirgha.  Right off the bat we will try to get the traps to get their nose out of the neck.  So releases for the traps and side of the neck muscles.  Then we will see how that has opened up the right/ left sides of the brain with a little brain teaser  using our hands.

Moving to the wall to work on just standing straight.  Stabilizing the shoulder blades and stretching the neck with wall presses.  Wall stork to lift the leg but keep everything else in alignment.  Arm circles with “golfers grip” moving the shoulder joint not the elbows or wrists.

Back to the wall with elbow curls.  Finding out what the range of motion is and offering this tool to open it more.   Crossover catus  to prepare for Eagle arms.

Moving back to the chair for overhead side bends, forward folds and twists and one little stretch for the feet. Placing the feet on a block and coming up to the ball of the foot sustain the stretch and then lower the heel down sustain that stretch before aromatherapy applied in the comfort of the chair.  Admiring those fabulous feet.

Aromatherapy tonight is Vatta/Pitta Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan