Open hips for core strengthening. Tues 530pm

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha,  Box breath

Opening the body with stretches and hip openers before moving onto the core work.  Ten churnings, lateral side bends, deep hip openers as well a quad openings.  Cow face pose with arm work adding in eagle arms to open the back/shoulder area.

100’s then moving into core work with side plank on the forearms, slow steady movements adding the lift of the top leg.  Onto back with a reaching for the feet series making sure the neck stays relaxed/tension free during these movements.  We are working the core not the neck. 😀   Bridge rolls to release the abs.

Rolling like a ball to roll downs with twists, roll overs. Leg series:  Clam shell, side passe, circles, front & back, knee and toe.  Heel beats for transition to other side.  Cradle releases for both hips. Prone to sphinx, cobra with twists, opposite arm & leg lifts.   Natural seat to pin wheel hip release.  Oils  Savasana

Aromatherapy tonight will be Ananda Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan