Loving up the inner legs. Mon 7pm Yum Yum

Pranayama: seated Sahja, Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana.

Cat rolls, table balance, reverse table with block between knees, inversion and eversion, 1/2 hanuman with holds.  Crescent warrior with a strap overhead to open side body as well as lifting up to Warrior 1.  Folding the strap tightly and then placing between the ankles barbie doll feet to lift the inner thighs.  Supine high leg cross open & close with the breath. Frog leg pushes, hip circles, supta padangusthasa using strap overhead to open side body, hold strap between ankles again, feeling the inner thigh strength.  Aromatherapy, Savasana

Aromatherapy tonight will be Ananda Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you