Evening Practice to prepare for a wonderful nights sleep.

I hear so often that people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night.  Either the mind is going from “things to do” or worry or hormones.  Being careful what we feed our minds before we want to go to bed makes a huge difference in our sleep.  Stay off the computer at least 2 hours before going to bed.  No TV, no newspaper reading, no novel but some light reading or better yet something inspirational… poetry is wonderful and positive before bed.

 I have posted before the Peaceful Sleep Recipe you can look that up  in the blog and it works wonders for me however, I also do calming things while I am sipping the treat or before.  Don’t expect magic you have to participate in this process.  Gentle yoga movements will also help to release the day and to prepare the body and mind for rest.  Here is one gentle yoga session that you can practice before bedtime to stretch relax.  Give it a go and let me know how it worked for you.

E= exhale   I= inhale         E/I= exhale & inhale in that posture

Lying on floor

E/I Knees to chest

E/I partial recline– knees bent feet on floor

E extend one leg long on floor

I other leg lifts with pointed toe

E Flex foot and lower leg till heel taps floor the repeat lift & lower X4 then sustain lift and rotate ankle 5 circle each direction. Moving with the breath

Rest in Savasana for a few breaths then repeat with other leg

E/I Knees to chest

E/I Partial Recline

Moving with the breath

Bridge rolls starting with small lift of lower back then increase the movement to larger movements. Sustain bridge lift 3-5 breaths mind that the thighs are parallel.

E/I Partial Recline

E/I Knees to Chest

E Extend right leg long on the floor, arms in “T” position

E/I Press into left foot to lift hips enough so that you can slide the hips 2-3 inches to the left then allow the left knee to move into a twist. Right leg is long on floor, left knee can be on block or blanket. Both shoulders on the floor arms out in “T” position. Breath is full & deep sustain this for 6-8 breaths

Return to Partial recline then Knees to chest. Repeat other side

Bring feet together for reclined cobbler sustain 3-5 breaths

Savasana 6-8 breaths