What is going on with the blog????

Well I am changing up the blog a bit.  I am not sure where or what it is going to transform into.  The daily classes were too confusing for everyone to follow or figure out so I may just do a weekly blog or perhaps a newsletter….. I am not sure.  I need to get a new computer and am looking into that as well.  My old one makes these things difficult to do.

So any thoughts on what you all would want the blog to be??   I have thought about just having interesting information about asana or general yoga thoughts or what is going on around town that is fun and not only yoga fun.  Perhaps a listing of workshops that are around.

I will start posting what aromatherapy I used in the classes along with the dates. I know many of you like to purchase them from Susan and it is hard to remember what I used when you are in that yoga bliss state.