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Alignment 101 with chair as visual aid Tues

Today in the tech session at Lifestyles Family Fitness in Seminole we will be working on hip alignment while doing lunges and the lunge twists.

Using a chair as a visual tool to see the knee & hip placement during the various movements.  We will also use the chair for Warrior II and some other moves.

Sitting in the chair on the very front edge so that both sitting bones are in contact with the chair bring right leg to outside of chair as if you are heading into Warrior II.  The right heel is touching the leg of the chair as well as the calf and the knee is bent over the seat. This is the external rotation of the femur as well as the optimal 90 degree angle of the knee/thigh.  Now lets have a look at the hips and shoulders (this is the hard part) Continue reading Alignment 101 with chair as visual aid Tues

Turn your World Upside Down Mon

Assisting Wanda in her intermediate/advanced class tonight she continued to work on opening the upper body & shoulder in preparation of inversions. Reminding often to open the collar bones from the sternum outward all the way to the finger tips. The Iyengar way of opening from the midline outward is a tried and true practice for working from your center.

Starting with breathing to center and open the full lung and chest area.  Full complete breaths to help open the collar bones lifting the sternum and opening the heart center. The pectoralis muscles as well as all the shoulder and back muscles must be warmed and open for inversions.

Working with Marjarasana moving each vertebra of the spine~ opening each space slowly and with mindfulness and love.  Continue reading Turn your World Upside Down Mon

The Wall the Teacher ~~ Come Flow with us Mon

Assisting Sandi in Tri Yoga @ Yoga4All.   Sandi’s theme for this month in classes has been heart openers- not just backbends but all heart opening postures.  One of the things in Tri Yoga that we focus on is complete spinal movements which opens the heart from inside out.  The movements of each vertebra along the spine opens the thoracic area behind the heart center which then opens as a flower does in the morning sun, one petal at a time.

Starting with breath work in L-Seat (Dandasana) and moving into Serenity L-Seat (Ardha Gomukasana) to open the hips. Not only does this open the hips it also teaches each of us if we have a side that is less open and give us the opportunity to breathe into the less open side. Other postures followed for more hip opening.

Through the cat bows we not only build strength we keep the heart open as we do the movements. Sandi always has an added tool to use in her Tri Yoga tool bag and she used one tonight.  Having us move to the wall to do our cat bows Continue reading The Wall the Teacher ~~ Come Flow with us Mon

Wed 2/10 Kirtan

Wow what a great evening I am still floating from the wonderful time I had.  David Newman at the Lotus Pond was a wonderful experience.  He may be back in July to host his new record release so watch my blog or twitter so you don’t miss him.  If you have never been to a Kirtan it is a chanting of devotional mantras.  These mantras are designed to create energy vibrations to uplift you and your energies.  They are very healing as well as many other things.  Each person feels the energy differently but it always opens my heart to overflowing. 

David creates a very warm space to come into and wants folks up close.  He is warm and loving.  His wife also sings and plays the drums and she is mesmerizing to watch.  The evening goes by way too fast and the 2 hour event felt like 30 minutes you just didn’t want it to end.  Check out David’s music at Spirit Voyage a link is on my website.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Tight Hamstrings like a difficult relative? Learn to let go. Tues

Welcome to all the new folks to class.  I am honored by your trying the class.

Tonights class were worked more on upper body strength as well as hamstrings and always toe stretch. 

The upper body work with dolphin/dolphin plank as well as side plank on the forearms is very strengthening.  It teaches the shoulder/shoulder blade alignment for all yoga asana postures. The stability this ingrains in the shoulders and back creates ease in the harder inversions, hand balances and even backbends.  Finding stability and working from the midline of the body will always make your yoga path safe and enjoyable.

Opening the toes with toe stretch or the more advanced version helps the feet to find their grounding.  With open feet that are well grounded the toes flow out from the foot beautifully like petals on a flower.  Gripping the toes into the ground in any standing postures just adds to the tightness of the calfs and hamstrings.  Let the toes flow Continue reading Tight Hamstrings like a difficult relative? Learn to let go. Tues

Body Flow 47 working things out Tues

Tech at LFF Seminole for Body Flow 47.  Went over hip stability in Warrior 3; with standing leg bent the lifted leg is at hip height if possible and the hip pointers are facing the floor.  Keeping the hips level is more important than how high the leg is lifted.

1/2 Cow face pose in the twist track.  The back is long, strong and straight when forward folding over the knees.  In the twist of 1/2 cow face pose the twists starts from the lower spine and moves up the spine.  The heart is open, shoulders level and the chin does not lead the pose.  Breath is very important in the twists and full complete breaths should be your first priority. If your breathing is shallow or in the upper chest only back out of the twist and find a place where you can twist and breath fully.

Abdominal track:  Keeping true to Joseph Pilates Continue reading Body Flow 47 working things out Tues

Being Grateful feeling the energy

Tri Yoga – Hatha mix class at Yoga4all  530pm.

In class we worked on upper body strength as well as some of the Tri Yoga flow turns.  These turns help to keep the flow of energy moving in the wonderful feeling similar to the look of the infinity sign- no beginning- no end just movement. During class the upper body building postures help us to ready the body for more stable standing postures as well as any inversions. Knowing where the limbs of the body are in space helps center us so balancing and movement become effortless effort.

The heart opening postures (backbends) of locust as well as cobra1/boat build strength in the back for all backbends as well as our everyday movements in life. Working the abdominals as well brings more stability for the spine.

The reading about being grateful is a practice we should bring to our daily lives. Perhaps before even getting out of bed keeping your eyes closed bring to mind just 3 things you have to be grateful for. It will make your day begin with an inner peace that will guide your day.  Aromatherapy used on Monday  was Relaxing Blend made by Susan Wasserman Yoga Flow Oils list on my website under links.   Namaste nancy

Moving and flowing.

Join me at Lifestyles Family Fitness in Seminole for the 745pm class.  Instead of  worrying about the rain come join us as we celebrate the rain & life.  Life is not waiting for the rain to pass but learning to dance in the rain with joy.

Another note in Tampa tomorrow 2/10 Bhakti yoga and Kirtan at the Lotus Pond 7-9pm.  Check it out at  I’ll be there enjoying the wonderful sattvic location and energy.

Namaste, May all be happy, May all be well,  May all lives be filled with many blessings

Feeling Good

The rain can’t keep the yogi’s & yogani’s at LFF Seminole down they were out in force today.  The room was cold to start, but with a little peaceful flow and added pranayama  the roomwas rockin. The energy was cooking at full boil with just a few moves and flows.  When the cool down time was near I broke out the Yoga Flow Essential oils and we stayed with the feeling of the class and used Energizing Blend. The foot massage and the aroma therapy spray settled everyone in for Savasana. Glad everyone could join me and thanks for sharing your wonderful energy today.  Namaste