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Let’s twist again then balance for fun. Tues

Prananyama: Dirgha, Kapalabhati slow.

Opening the shoulders before Wild Thing and Belly of the Dragon.¬† One more week of the hip stretches that every one loves and makes faces at. ūüôā¬†¬† Working the core with Dolphin and side planks with twists to really work the whole abdominal area including the obliques.

Standing strength the regular series with 1/2 moon for balance. Then we are going to deepen the balance aspect by working into Warrior 3, Warrior 1, Revolved Triangle, Revolved 1/2 moon.  These are difficult postures that one must have an inward focus to find your breath and freedom in the posture. Where is the edge between opening and force, the line between stretch and too much effort? The mind and body will serve up a feast of feelings, each breath another chance to deepen and release into the posture or time to back out.

More twists.

Aromatherapy will be Dharma from Yoga Flow Oils.. thank you Susan

Savasana           See you all in 2 weeks.  Many blessings

Strong backs open hearts. Tues

Pranayama complete breath over blocks

Toe stretch, toe balance, toe stretch, top of foot stretch.

Cat rolls to cat bows with a roll added in. Doing both cat bows tonight to build strength for arm balances.

Cobra work tonight.  Half tortoise twist. Moving into hip openers with swan & swan bows  add in Iyengar TV watching swan.  Adding in the two new external hip rotator stretches WOW these are still tough. However, these really do open the side hip.  Glad everyone likes them and smiles through the stretch.

The new forward fold Karin would like to see in more classes was visited once more. Savasana

Aromatherapy tonight is Anxiety Ease from Yoga Flow Oils thank you Susan.

Flowing into spring with TriYoga Thurs

Covering Sandi’s Tri Yoga class we just did a flow class with 1-2 things of Iyengar work added in.

Nice side body opening with palm tree then earth-touch to cat rolls, natural rolls, jumps from Mountain to pyramid 1 to toe balance to wake up the feet and legs.  Balanced chair that we have not done in a while.

Mountain to swan alternating sides then into swan bows.  This is where I added a little Iyengar work in with the elbow on blocks to lengthen the spine head also placed on block. 

Standing flow with Triangle, side warrior, warrior, pyramid and pyramid twists.

Cat bows with the cat tuck added in. Rabbit and extended rabbit then to facedown and spinal strengthening  work. Cobra rolls, locust.  Cross L-seat twist moving into serenity twist and forward fold. few more twists and folds then aromatherapy oils and savasana.

Aromatherapy today was Ananda Blend thank you Susan.

Kaliji Tri Yoga Flow class Thurs

Subbing Sandi’s Tri Yoga class so in keeping with the feel of Kaliji this class will be¬† very much a ¬†flow class.

From the Tri Yoga Flow Manual the class will be a new version that Chandra shared for the Earth 108 series.

The only changes will be in the winter section where we will be on the floor instead of the wall.

I may add in Iyengar work in the standing postures so share with our northern yogi’s before they leave.

Long lean spring legs. Finding the leg strength Fri

Pranayama breath Dirgha, Sun Breath to build some heat for the leg work.

Sun Salutation with hip opener added in see how you like one new one from Tues class.  Onto the real work for today finding the ease within the pose while holding challenging postures that are using the large muscles of the leg.  Lunges, Chair, Balances, Deviasana, horse.  Trust me you will find the strength that we all have in our legs. This is how we move through our days keeping them strong and lean will bring ease to the movements.

Core wore with dolphin/leg lifts,  cobra, sphinx.

Releasing everything with leg lifts to settle the hips and sacrum, hip side stretch to twist the spine, happy baby and rocking the clock for the final releases.

Aromatherapy today is Vata Blend from Yoga Flow Oils.  Thank you Susan

Mandala Mandala round & round we go Tues

Pranayama practice will have complete breath and then adding on with Kapalabhati alternate nostril breath.

Warming up¬†was¬†flowing and one¬†right after the other with a very warming for the legs Sun Salutation. Onto the ¬†core with reverse table¬†and added dips for the upper body.¬† Hip openers fire hydrant with a few things splashed in.¬†¬†¬† Hold everything the hip openers have changed!! Found something new and WOW oh WOW will these open your hips.¬† Tried them out on my husband and I think everyone will like them.¬† Don’t have time to write them all up here will update tomorrow with url to the article these came from.¬† Hold onto those hips they are going to open tonight!!¬†Here is the link to the article about the hip work we did tonight¬† I hope everyone enjoyed it and your hips feel juicy http://shar.es/mqfPM¬†Good work for dancers, runners enjoy.

Mandala work that we did last week will have some things added. From mandala moving a 1/2 turn to seated for  1/2 cow face pose, Lord of the fishes, runner, standing split balance. Doing it all in reverse to come back to front. Circles are magic and I hope everyone finds some fun in this.

Nice slow forward folds and deep twists to finish off the class

Aromatherapy tonight  Vatta/Pitta blend from Yoga Flow oils.  Thanks Susan

Extra class this week on Thurs LFF 730pm-830pm will be nice complement to this class a hamstring- backbending class. Join me to open the heart and legs for spring.


Working the Dog & Spine assist Wanda WEd

Wanda started with everyone in three different seated postures. Using these three to access the hips, spine, hamstrings for the work this evening.

Working with Downward Facing Dog  moving into the posture mindfully and with the intention of using the legs for finding length in the spine.

Triangle, 1/2 moon, Revolved Triangle and Revolved 1/2 moon.  Finding the legs (this work is needed for all inversions) and finding the twists in the revolved postures making sure the spine is open and long. The twists starting at the base of the spine and moving upward, trying not to skip over any parts of the spine.

Cool down was the ever popular bridge & leg up with the sacrum resting on a block.

Everyone got homework to get back into inversions, arm balances, and backbends.