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Open Hips~~ Open Heart Mon 530 Shanti Vinyasa

Hip openers to open the heart.  Much stress is carried in the hips so tonight we will encourage them to open to allow the stress to flow out and away.

Pranayama:  Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana

Cat Bow 2 as well as cat bow 1, 1/2 Hanumanasana. We added in the turns of TriYoga cat turns, and swan/mountain turns. These we spent some time on as I have been negligent in adding them into classes. 🙁

Flowing down to floor to work on penguin, using what ever is needed to be comfortable but opening to the stretch.  Seated twists and forward bends. Holds will be long and full of breath tonight.

Aromatherapy tonight  is Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, than you Susan

Gentle stretches with the breath. Wed 7pm Yum Yum

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha, Nadi Shodhana.  Dirgha using the sipping breath breathing in 1/3 (lower lung) then exhale a bit then inhale 1/3 (mid-lung) then 1/3 (upper lung) before a long slow exhale.

Cat rolls for the spine, toe stretch and top of foot stretch. Joint warming flow of cat rolls, thread the needle, downward dog, cat, child roll up to natural seat, chest expansion, side bends.  repeating.  On the back for leg lifts and lowers, leg stretch using the strap to assist, hip rotations, cobbler, 1/2 cowface pose.

Aromatherapy is Relaxing Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Hips, hips and more hip openers. Empty the junk drawer. Tues 745pm LFF Sem

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha over 2 blocks

Where do we keep our emotional junk lots of time if not in the hips it is in the shoulders.  Tonight opening the hips and letting go of the old junk.

Supine twists, cradle adding in the twist, hip rotations.  Rolling like a ball, reverse table adding on cradle or dips.  Seated cradle, cat rolls, toe stretch.  Standing to runner, to downward facing dog revolving around to open the hips.  Skanda back and forth.  Frog pose breathing deep and finding that deep opening for you and your hips.  Aromatherapy oils then to the floor for leg stretch using the straps.  Happy baby,Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight is Prana Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan.

Opening up to receive the week. 7pm Yum Yum

Pranayama: Sahaja, Dirgha over blocks

Easy seat side bends, chest openers, wrist rolls, finger openers, mula rolls, nose circles, neck side stretch, rock the baby, cat rolls, toe stretch.  Shoulder rolls, trap squeeze, thread the needle.  Penguin, frog, leg stretches, reclined cradle, twists. Aromatherapy and Savasana

Aromatherapy tonight will be Vata Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Shanti Vinyasa Flow for LFF Tyrone. Mon 1030am

Subbing for a body flow class at Tyrone LFF this morning.

Pranayama: Sun breath, breath of joy, deviasana breath.

sun Salutation B, standing strength,  crane, seagull, airplane, star. Hip openers of down dog, wild thing, belly of the dragon, swan with an added twist. Abdominal work of roll back with a twist, navasanana flow.  forearm plank, dolphin & dolphin/plank, side plank with thread the needle. cat, facedown, cobra 2 flow.  Twists and forward folds close out the practice.

Aromatherapy today will be Vata/Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan.

Opening up the hips with gentle stretches. Wed 7pm Yum Yum Yoga

Pranayama over 2 blocks:  Sahaja, Dirgha

Slide a strap that is made into a loop over the body before coming onto the floor. Leg lifts, leg stretch, hip rolls, reclined tree, extended reclined tree, half happy baby, cradle, cobbler.  Roll up   Cat rolls,  cat to child roll.  aromatherpy & Savasana.  Savasana tonight will be with the legs propped up on a huge stack of blankets yummy

Aromatherapy tonight will be Pitta/Kapha from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Gentle beginners flow class. 530pm Fundamentals

Seated sun breath with arm movements.  Mula rolls, easy seat reed and twist.  Gate to open the side body, downward dog.  Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B,  Wide Leg Forward fold with a twist.  Locust, frog, Janu Sirsasana, Cobbler, Navasana, twist, aromatherapy, savasana.

This is a class that Amanda does so we will see how everyone is progressing.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Pitta/Kapha Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Beautiful, Peaceful Flow, Shanti Vinyasa Mon 530

Pranayama:  Sahaja, Dirgha KB with holds

Yoga from the heart flow tonight. Standing palm tree stretch, cat rolls, natural seat rolls, cat bows, runner to mountain flow, wide leg Forward fold with twist, standing posture flow, including 3 leg dog, cobra 1/boat flow, 1/2 locust, sphinx, bridge rolls, reclined butterfly, cradle, and hip side stretch.  Aromatherapy and Savasana.

Aromatherapy tonight will be Shanti Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan.

Shanti Vinyasa Flow Friday 1030am LFF Tyrone

I LOVE to teach morning classes… wake up the body for a beautiful day. Lets Play

Pranayama: Breath of Joy, Goddess breath

Sun Salutations, warrior 1, with a balance twist, warrior 3, standing split, Skanda, warrior 2, side angle, triangle, triangle, Skanda.  Bird of Paradise, & Dancing Shiva for Balance.  Hip openers to release the hips, core strength with the can can, opposing muscles of the back with dolphin/plank, cobra boat flow, finishing with twists & forward folds. Aromatherapy and Savasana to send you off for your day and weekend.

Aromatherapy will be Energizing Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan

Sciatic help 7pm Yum Yum

Pranayama:  supported bridge to open the shoulders and heart before practice.

rock the clock, leg stretch with foot on wall, 4 square on back.  mula rolls, hip openers with shoulder openers, mermaid, cat rolls, gate, 1/4 dog, 1/2 dog, sphinx, gentle wave, pigeon.  Bridge rolls then sustain with blocks.  Knees to chest.   Bolster twist, bolster child,  Savasana with bolster

Aromatherapy tonight will be Anxiety Ease Blend from Yoga Flow Oils, thank you Susan